Service & Specialty Programs

*Admission to these programs is by application only.

In addition to our regular week-long programs, FOCUS offers several specialized programs for students interested in service.

City Service, New York City*

  • Grades 10-12
  • June 19-25
  • $860

A unique community service program, City Service includes hands-on work alongside residents at America’s oldest homeless shelter that allows for us to know those whom we serve. The program also gives students an insider's view of the city, as well as time for reflection and discussion on the meaning and purpose of service in a Christian context.

Guatemala Service*

  • Grades 10-12 and up
  • July 23-29
  • $860 (plus flights ~$700)

Join us as we travel to Central America and partner with local Christian ministries serving the children and communities in Guatemala. Come and explore the country while serving others and learning about the meaning of Christian service across cultural boundaries. 

International Leader Program: Jamaica*

  • Grades 11-12 and up
  • July 6-17
  • $785 (plus flights ~$600)

Travel abroad with FOCUS to be a counselor at a Christian summer camp for Jamaican young teens. In the mountains of the Jamaican countryside, participants will gain hands-on leadership training, while witnessing the Christian faith in a cross-cultural setting.

Vineyard Service (A & B)*

  • Grades 11-12
  • Vineyard Service A: June 18-26
  • Vineyard Service B: August 19-27
  • $760

A follow-up to Internship, students serve behind the scenes during a middle school program, enjoy time together on the Vineyard, and have discussions about service, faith, and community.


  • Grades 10-12
  • July 7-20
  • $1630

This two-week program for returning students combines fun activities with community building experiences and emphasizes learning more about Christianity, serving others, and leadership.