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New England Staff

Rob Lofberg

Area Director

  • Spouse: Lynne
  • Children: Andrew
  • High School: Middlesex School
  • College: The George Washington University
  • Hometown: Padnaram, MA
  • Interests: Walking, travel, good food with good friends, and the Red Sox
  • Unusual Fact: I am deeply afraid of skunks
  • Been on staff since: 2007
  • Contact: rlofberg@infocus.org

Alison Raskin

Field Staff

  • Spouse: Josh
  • High School: Cedar Crest High School
  • College: Eastern University
  • Graduate Degree: Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Hometown: Lebanon, PA
  • Interests: Great food, adventures, coffee dates, and lots of laughter!
  • Unusual Fact: I was baptized on an island, married on an island, and now I get to spend some amazing summers with FOCUS on an island!
  • Been on staff since: 2015
  • Contact: araskin@infocus.org

Cara Smith

Administrator (Part-Time)

  • Spouse: Brad
  • High School: Litchfield High School
  • College: Princeton University
  • Hometown: Litchfield, CT
  • Interests: my kids, music, reading
  • Unusual Fact: I worked mostly in Japanese business after living in Japan after college—and love all things Japanese.
  • Been on staff since: 2005
  • Contact: csmith@infocus.org