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FOCUS Alumni Steering Committee (FASC)

The FOCUS Alumni Steering Committee (FASC) is comprised of 23 FOCUS alumni and friends who are dedicated to the mission of FOCUS and passionate about seeing the work that FOCUS does continue far beyond graduation. The mission of FASC is to be ambassadors of FOCUS and the Church by cultivating the fellowship of young and recent FOCUS alumni and presenting fellowship, ministry, and development opportunities for alumni across the country.

FASC is also committed to hosting events in each area. These are community-building events designed to encourage young alumni, staff, and friends of alumni and staff to strengthen their existing relationships or to build new ones.

Moving to a new city? Interested in getting plugged into your local FOCUS community?
Area Alumni Ambassadors can help. Each Area Alumni Ambassador is passionate about helping you meet your innermost needs through connecting you with the right people and church.

To find the area alumni ambassador closest to you or to get involved, e-mail alumni@infocus.org!