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Family Field Day

• Join us May 5th from 11:00am - 2:00pm at 3420 Yonkers Rd.
     *Games will start AFTER the SAT lets out.
• Come by early to enjoy time with friends, lawn games, and food trucks.
• Each team member must register by April 28th.
• Minimum 10 players per team. Maximum 15.
• $20 per kickball player (cost includes t-shirt and field rental)
• FREE to attend for non-players!
     *Bring money if you would like to buy lunch, but all lawn games and activities are FREE.

Click here to Register as a Player!

• $500 Field Sponsorship
     *For $500, we will put a sign with your logo on the field and your name on our event t-shirt.
• $1,000 Scoreboard Sponsorship
     *For $1,000, we will put a banner on the scoreboard with your logo/name as well as putting your logo and name on our event t-shirt.

Click here to be a sponsor!